I enjoyed walking in this little town

A Japanese visitor wrote on August 18th, 2005

Vernon is a village town in France. It is very close to the town, Giverny,(note 1) Monet's garden and house. There is no train station in Giverny, therefore, you must transfer bus from Vernon if you would like to go to Giverny and I believe that is the key reason that Vernon became famous. However, it is also quite worth to take a look at this town. I like its riverside the most and it looked like just like the view I had in Zurich, Switzerland. Walking along the riverside and looking for windmill (note 2)  and something ancient there were what I spent the afternoon there. I enjoyed walking in this little town and sitting by the riverside to look at local people spending their weekend and let my mind wander around —this is the most enjoyment. If I am the Parisian, I shall do this often---hop on the train to Vernon and spend the afternoon or evening there to blow away my worries or anything annoying.

The full text of the vist to Giverny and Vernon can be read at http://lovinginsunriseandsunset.blogspot.com/2005/07/vernon-in-france.html

Note 1: I wouldn't use the word 'village' to refer to Vernon ( 24,000 inhabitants) neither would  say 'town' 'to mean Giverny which is a very small village (less than 500 inhabitants)
Note 2: this is not a 
wind mill but a watermill perched on the remains of the medieval bridge, something fairly unusual and quite picturesque.) Go to page  http://www.vernon-visite.org/rgb2/vernon_giverny_5.htm in ordre to see a  pictures of the 'Old Mill'.

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