A surprisingly impressive church

Sandy wrote on May 29th, 2006

Having seen everything that there was to see, Olivia and I headed back to Vernon only to realize that the next train wasn't for another hour and a half. So we wandered around Vernon. Found their , which had some  really funky stained glass. And we were just looking around, minding our own business, when someone starts playing the organ.  Freaked us out. It was very Phantom of the Opera; I was totally expecting a guy in a mask and cape to swing down from the loft. Left the church, and I totally bought what has to be the most delicious Opera (the pasty, not the thing involving singing and phantoms) ever.

The full text of the vist to Giverny and Vernon can be read at  http://peachykeen0419.livejournal.com/112047.html

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