Market day in Vernon

Mary sumpter wrote on June  5th, 2006

... and the rest of the group and took a train to the village of Vernon (note 1) about 45 minutes outside of Paris. Once in Vernon, there was an open-air market where everyone picked up their own supplies for a picnic lunch. We then picked up our bikes and rode out to the picnic spot at a park on a river bank.(note 2) Anne, Caroline, and I sat with a nice Norwegian lady  who shared her pate in exchange for some of our cheese. We had bought a nice bottle of red wine, which went very well with  our fresh cherries, apricots, cheese, and bread.

After lunch, everyone saddled back up on the bikes and made our way to the old cart path that leads from Vernon to Giverny.
It takes about 20 minutes to ride the path through the picturesque countryside.

The full text of the visit to Giverny and Vernon can be read at http://marysumpter.livejournal.com/5293.html

Note 1 : I defintely would't  call Vernon a village: it is a (small) town with a population of 24,000.
Note 2: indeed, there are excellent picnic spots on either side of the river, on the right from the bridge ( on the Vernon bank) and on the left of the bridge on the right bank. For  more details and a map , see  this webpage

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