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The streets of Giverny : 25 photos

In spite of the numerous tourists, Giverny remains a small village with nice streets and lanes, old houses and masses of flowers.

gal1_0giverny_church The valley and the village in late October The valley and the village in late October. Foggy morning on a summer day. The Epte / Seine valley seen from the village church A typical French village church. Rue Blanche Hoschedé A quiet street lined with olf farmhouses RueClaude Monet, the main street Rue Blanche Hoschedé (again) A restored farm house A nice old place Half-timbered house dating from the 17th century. Wouldn't you like living in this cottage? Of course, signs and ads seem to grow everywhere! A quiet lane, away from Peace and quietness ... Even the most modest walls are hidding behind flowers More flowers... And still more flowers... A café in the main street for a (perhaps much needed) rest... An art gallery The village offers a score of art galleries In addition to Monet's garden, the village boasts others. ( Le Hameau, on this photo.) The garden of the American Art Museum The rose garden of Hotel Baudy is sheer beauty

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